Oh my...

Sorry blog, there hasn't been much love for you lately.  But I have a couple stories needed to be recorded before they are completely lost to time and my inability to remember...well...anything.

#1.  A Valentine to Remember:

Valentines has been over for quite a while, but I couldn't let it completely slip away before writing about the very best Valentine I have EVER gotten.  Now you may have rose petals and delicious morsels of chocolatey goodness dancing in your head, but this was a Valentine of a different sort.  As I was helping Anya purge some shoes and clothes in her room I felt something whiz by my head.  "Mom, look!" she exclaimed.  "There is something with your name on it, right behind you!!"  {if you know Anya, you know she only speaks in exclamations!} Here is what I found.
Before I could even read what it said.  She gleefully shouted out "It's a leprous dog! - Happy Valentines Day!!"  Yep.  There it is.  A leprous dog, so conveniently named "Leper".
However, Valentines wasn't over for me yet.  She also sweetly placed a another Valentine under my pillow, so I could read it before I went to bed.  This one was a little more generic, but still had that Anya pizazz.  The glue she used to assemble the Valentine didn't quite have time to dry, so not only was it under my pillow, but glued to my pillow.
*Sigh* LOVE that girl!

#2.  Never Give a 10 Year Old a Challenge You Don't actually expect her to rise to:

We have been watching a lot of shows about surviving in the wilderness lately.  So now when the kids go out to play this has been a favorite game.  Pretending they are stranded on a island, lost in the woods, or without water in the middle of the desert.  Today I was watching as they collected items to make a bow and drill set to start a fire.  I had the windows open so I could hear them clearly, even though I was in the house.

Charis:  Anya what do you think will happen if I really start a fire?

Anya:  I don't know?  Do you think it could actually happen?

Charis:  Well I am pretty good at starting fires.  {Really!?}

Me:  {Calling from inside} If you can start a fire without using a lighter or matches.  I'll give you $5!  {Why I said that, I'll never know?  What mother, in her right mind, challenges their child to start a fire in the front yard?}

Five minutes later.  I am on the phone with the bank trying to figure out some mysterious charges and Micaiah runs up to me saying, "You owe Charis five bucks!"

Me:  What!?

Micaiah:  Come see!

I wish the camera had captured the smoke and embers, but alas
you will just have to trust me that there really is a fire in this picture.
Yup.  Charis remembered that we kept a magnesium fire starter {kind of like flint and steel - you rub it together in such as way as to create a spark} in the glove compartment of our van {in case we ever get stranded in the middle of nowhere and need to be able to start a fire... I guess}.
So, now I ask?  Do I still owe her the $5?  Hmmm...I suppose I do.

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Sarah said...

ah, the classic leprous dog valentine! love it. I remember once when you were over at our house when Charis was still a toddler and you told her you'd give her a dollar if she'd actually run through the sprinkler...still cracks me up!